Aveda Essential Facial $89
Deep pore cleansing removes impurities, while an aromatic herbal masque, customized for your skin, rehydrates.
Green Science Skin Renewing Facial $99
-w/Perfecting Plant Peel  $149

Clinically proven to lift and rm the skin. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Tourmaline Radiance Facial $99
Tourmaline infuses visible life into your skin with a gentle exfoliation by utilizing antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizers.
Gentlemen’s Tune Up $89
Cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin. A facial specifically designed for men.

Advanced Nature & Science Therapies

Healing Hands $149 (75min)
This perfect harmony of nature and technique prove for powerful results. This one of a kind facial therapy adapts to fit your every concern, while you experience complete tranquility. We start with customized exfoliation followed by both an herbal compress massage and a unique massage that combines lymphatic drainage with muscle memory work.  A second skin of a collagen fiber mask is then applied while you revel in the relaxation of both a hand and foot massage.  To complete the experience you are awakened by a scalp massage, and neck and shoulder stretch.

Time Eraser Facial $139 (60min)
For those of you who wish they could turn back time this one is for you.  We have taken our most result oriented modalities, and jammed them in one amazing treatment.  After cleansing, we safely and effectively double exfoliate the skin with both ultrasonic exfoliation and a custom mask to sloughs away dead skin cells. During the next phase we penetrate rejuvenating and repairing serums using ultrasonic pulsations so the product can reach deeper into the skin than just manual massage.  We use microcurrent to promote increased cellular metabolism and collagen synthesis, resulting in a fresh, radiant and noticeably firmer skin.  This facial is for the client in search of results.

90min V.I.P. -$199
*Custom massage technique (face,neck,shoulder,hands,feet,Scalp) & Freeze dried Collagen mask

The Work Out
A weekly Bootcamp for your face. Come in once a week for a 30 min microcurrent facial muscle workout.
Sold in series. (Call for consultation and series pricing.)

All Sensitive Facial  $99 (60min)
A soothing treatment that calms, desensitizes, cools and repairs tender, over stimulated skin.  Reduces redness and inflammation.

Aspen Falls Acne Facial $99 (60min)
A total acne solution including professional exfoliation, extractions, and soothing masque.

Purifying Back Facial  $65 (30min)
Designed to bring clarity and balance to the skin on your back.


Herbal Poultice $25
Warm poultice filled with both anti-aging and ant-bacterial herbs are used to do a compression massage on the face to nourish, firm and bring clarity to the skin with the added aromatic piece of mind.

Perfecting Plant Peel (Aveda’s alternative to a 30% glycolic peel)
Face $50         Hands $15         Neck & Decollete $25

Freeze-Dried, Pure, Collagen Fiber mask
Outstanding hydration properties of collagen fiber mask are especially beneficial for dry, sensitive, irritation- prone, and ageing skin. Regular use of collagen fiber mask helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, calm and soothe irritation, restore skin vitality, and leave the skin feel supple, softer, and younger.
Full face $50
Neck $25
Eye Treatment $25/ without facial $35
Lip Treatment $15/ without facial $25